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Moving My Business

My small business has been growing like crazy, and it was time for us to move into a bigger office. I checked out some moving companies on Google+ and immediately took notice of Golden Bay Relocation. They have great reviews from satisfied customers┬áin San Francisco and have been around since 1992, so they’ve got it down. I gave them a call and explained the type of move I needed, and they gave me a quote.

They arrived promptly and got straight to work. They packed everything up for us so I literally didn’t have to raise a finger. They had all of the proper supplies and equipment, and had it down to a science. They knew which items to load first, how to care properly for the items to keep them same from damage, and they did it all so fast!

Once everything was loaded and we headed to the new location about 20 minutes away, they unloaded everything where we wanted it to go. I was able to direct them on where certain items should be placed and they got everything put into place. If I had to do that on my own, it would have been a huge mess. I’m so grateful for the incredible service we received from Golden Bay Relocation. They make a huge difference.

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