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Moving Up In San Francisco

I got a raise recently and things at work were going really well. I had been living in a small apartment in an ok part of town for a while but decided with my extra income it was time to move to a better area, closer to my friends. I found a great place and was ready to schedule my move. I checked out Yelp for a great moving company in San Francisco and was immediately blown away by Golden Bay Relocation’s Yelp Movers San Francisco page. They have 5 stars with over 160 reviews!

They scheduled my move with no problem. They quoted me right on the phone based on the size of my apartment and how many items I had. They even take care of packing everything up for you. I was so happy to not have to scrounge around looking for boxes and buy tape and supplies to pack everything up myself. Not to mention how much time I’d be saving.

They showed up right on time and worked like a boss. They were so fast. They make an incredible team, you can tell they’ve been doing this for a long time. They got everything packed up and moved down to the truck in half the time I expected it to take them. Then they got everything moved to the new place, and placed the big items where I asked them to. Awesome company. They saved me from a huge moving headache!

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The Only Bay Area Vending Machine Company for Us

San Francisco Bay Area Vending Machines operates out of San Francisco and they were the first and only vending company in San Francisco that we contacted. As a busy office manager working for a law firm in San Francisco, it was important to me that I find a great company for vending machines in record time.

Not only did Corporate Cuisine get back to me right away, they also were extremely helpful in planning what snacks I should provide to the people in my office. They told me what was popular, what was trendy, and what was actually delicious. The people at Corporate Cuisine weren’t afraid to talk to me for a long time about vending machines in San Francisco.

I went with Corporate Cuisine because I was sure that there would probably not be any other vending machine company that would offer such comprehensive services and spend so much time explaining how their system works and what snacks are the best to order. Corporate Cuisine was pretty much the only company I wanted to work with.

It only took a few days for things to be ready for set-up and delivery. The whole process of hiring them didn’t take very long at all and I am very impressed with our new vending machines. They are easy to use, they aren’t unsightly, and they have a great company behind them. I recommend them!

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