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Windows to Sell

We were having trouble selling our home when someone told us that the best way to update your home without spending a lot of money is by upgrading and/or replacing your windows. Wanting to sell our home once and for all, we called up California Window Masters. They were able to do a quick and dirty install and we had brand new replacement windows in just a few hours.

The great thing about getting replacement windows is that it immediately makes everything look newer and more put together– both inside and out. Plus, it makes for a pretty cool selling point to say that the windows are energy efficient and will cost less to maintain. That information goes a long way in the Bay Area.

We are really happy with the work that California Window Masters was able to do for us on such a short notice. Within the month, we had an offer, and a week later, our home was finally sold. I have to believe it had something to do with those new windows!

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Golden Ticket!

When I went to Oxbridge House in San Francisco, I felt like I must have gotten a golden ticket. I felt like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory jumping through the streets in my pajamas. Well, it wasn’t quite like that– I was pretty excited though.

The reason I was so excited was because when I went to Oxbridge House, I got a GREAT deal for my gold bullion. I had considered it a great investment for a long time, but it was time for me to cash it in. I was glad that I chose Oxbridge House too, because they gave me the most I’ve ever gotten for gold before!

I feel very lucky to have found the best place to sell gold in San Francisco right when I was about to sell! I tend to be a fatalist about these things, but I think that it was just meant to be! I would definitely recommend Oxbridge House to a friend– and I already have!

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From San Francisco to Roseville

Recently, I came up with the idea to expand my business to the Sacramento area from San Francisco. I had built a pretty solid infrastructure in San Francisco, so I called CBRE in Sacramento to see if I could get some decent property in the surrounding areas. They were extremely helpful to me during the process of expanding my business.

Working with CBRE was integral to my business expansion to Roseville because I wasn’t originally planning to set up shop there at all. I was hoping more for a downtown location, something more centrally located. But CBRE told me that the demographic I was looking for is primarily located in Roseville.

Being from San Francisco, it was really nice to have a realty company like CBRE that knew more about my new location than me. I don’t think I would have had the success I did without CBRE by my side. They were truly a game-changer!

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