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Seattle —-> San Francisco

Earlier this year, I made a big move to San Francisco. I’m from Seattle, so I chose a local mover Local Seattle Movers WA┬áto help me make my journey all the way down to Northern California. I was told San Francisco wouldn’t be all that much different from Seattle, but I think it absolutely is. And I love it completely.

Although I love how casual and friendly the Northwest is, I think I’ve always belonged in San Francisco. I just love how everyone dresses, and I love the culture! The food, especially, is my favorite part. The Mexican food in San Francisco is absolutely to DIE for. I was so excited that I was moving and that I wouldn’t have to do the hard part at all!

Puget Sound Movers, as a mover Seattle, were really great and I was pretty excited that I was getting help the entire way. I really couldn’t imagine making the journey from Seattle to San Francisco multiple times. Especially because I was going to be making the journey on my own. It was a little more expensive to do it this way, but I was glad that it meant everything would be taken care of.

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