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Shopping (and drinking) Local

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on buying locally. Food, clothes, even music and furniture.  It wasn’t until I visited Rendez-vous Winery in Sacramento that I realized that I could be drinking locally too.

I know how important it is to the economy and it can even be better for your health if you eat locally. For produce, it’s healthier to eat locally because the longer that fresh fruits and vegetables sit around and travel, the more nutrients they lose. But eating locally, you get the freshest produce possible. Living in Northern California, I have it pretty easy because we have so much great agriculture around us.

When I went to Rendez-vous winery with a few friends last weekend, I realized that living locally could mean even more than I thought. I pretty much assumed that the closest wine I could get to local was Lodi or Napa. But actually, there are quite a few wineries that are even closer. When I tasted Rendez-vous’ wines, I was really impressed!

In addition to selling wines, Rendez-vous also locally produces olive oil and balsamic vinegar! They also had delicious gourmet jams and spreads that were also locally produced. Purchasing wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and jam from Rendez-vous seemed the perfect place to buy local products from. I didn’t even know that anyone in the Sacramento area produced olive oil or balsamic vinegar. And they were DELICIOUS!

I had a great time at Rendez-vous learning about wine and how it is produced in the wine country of Clarksburg, California. It was so lovely! I think it’s so important to local industry to support local businesses as much as possible. I used to be in favor of chains because they are comforting sometimes, but the more I branch out, the more I discover and the more I realize that local Sacramento has so much to offer. From wine tasting, to restaurants, to local boutiques and clothing stores.

I feel great knowing that I am supporting my community and inspiring others in a shift to support and stimulate the local economy.

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