Gold Fever

I was never interested in selling gold until I got a ton of it when my great aunt died. She just had it lying around in her house! So, I did what any person who doesn’t want a large sum of gold just sitting around in their house: I called Oxbridge House to see how much I could get my gold for. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Of course, the people at Oxbridge House told me that the rates could decrease by the time I got there because they pay the price of gold to the minute. But, I said that was fine because it was still a pretty solid price. To my excitement, when I arrived, the rate had actually increased! That meant I was going to get even more money than what I originally thought! Win!

So, in exchange for all the gold I gave them, I got a) to get rid of some things I didn’t even need/want, and b) I got to get rid of some things for CASH. That, my friends, is a win: win situation. And I am glad I chose Oxbridge House in San Francisco to take my gold and exchange it for MONEY!


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