Historic and Modern

I recently purchased an older historical home in San Jose and needed to replace all of the windows. I am aware to some degree the energy savings that can be realized with the right replacement windows in my house. So I wanted to make sure I would be choosing replacement windows that would be energy efficient but also compliment the historical integrity of the home. The dilemma of moving forward with these efficiency upgrades while limiting the aesthetic architectural damage that might come to a coveted home as a result, is a more common problem than I would have thought. While posing my replacement window problem to a friend one day they suggested I call California Window Masters to get more information on what would be best for my San Jose home.

When speaking to California Window Masters about replacement windows I had a lot more information. California Window Masters even told me that sometimes historic homes require some energy math to find saving improvements where they can best be implemented, especially when it comes to windows. Extra attic insulation, high efficiency furnaces or boilers, tight seals on all of the windows and doors and basement insulation are effective measures. About 10% of your heat is released through uninsulated windows but the biggest bang can first be had from these other improvements. As for the windows, it’s likely they’re not all of the intricate design variety and replacing the ones that aren’t can help. Finally, storm windows can be installed on the interior or exterior of the home during the coldest months for these instances where history must take precedence. This made me feel confident in using California Window Masters to replace my home’s windows because they seemed to understand my dilemma and wanted to work with me to increase the energy savings, but to keep my home’s integrity in tack.

I decided to have replacement windows installed by California Window Masters, they offer wood framed replacement windows which are excellent insulators and insulate 1,800 times better than aluminum. I am very excited to start seeing the energy savings from my new replacement windows!

California Window Masters is a Northern California based Window Replacement Company


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