Money out the window– Literally!

No matter what I tried, there was no way we could properly seal off the front windows to our house. It’s possible that when the last earthquake rocked our house, the house has never been the same. Even when we have the windows closed, we were still feeling the draft from the outside– that’s when we decided it was time to give California Window Masters a call and get our windows replaced.

We didn’t want to spend the money on new windows, but we also recognized that we were losing money by not making sure that air couldn’t get into our home. In effect, we were wasting so much energy (and therefore, money) on heating and/or cooling our house because money was just going straight out the window– quite literally!

So it was time for us to bite the bullet and finally commit to buying replacement windows in San Jose. And as it turned out– they weren’t even that expensive anyway! And they looked 100 times better than the old windows we had before. We certainly learned our lesson!



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