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San Francisco Cometic Dentistry

When I started med school at UCSF, I decided to call All New Smiles, a San Francisco cosmetic dentist, because I wanted to start my medical career off on the right foot. I wanted to look exactly how beautiful I feel. And with my crooked teeth, I didn’t feel very beautiful I decided that I would invest in myself and finally get the veneers I’ve always wanted.

Sure, it would set me back some money, but I was tired of waiting for the day I became a doctor, or when I get married, or when I finally pay off my student loans (I would be about 80). It’s just something that is important to me, for whatever reason. When I called All New Smiles in Piedmont, they were more than happy to discuss financing and to help me decide what option would be best for me and my budget.

Even while I am paying for my new teeth (and my new smile), I will never regret having my teeth fixed. My veneers look incredibly natural and they make me feel so much better. Especially since I won’t be taking too much time to care for my appearance in the next few years, I’m happy that I will finally feel pretty just when I wake up and smile in the mirror. All New Smiles has given me that beautiful gift!

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