Regarding Window Replacement, Research Matters

It’s not easy to find a great contractor in San Francisco, but we still managed to find the perfect company for our window repairs (California Window Masters). Not because there aren’t many of them, it’s because it’s hard to narrow them down.

Recently, we were looking for a company to install replacement windows in our San Jose home and stumbled upon California Window Masters. They do window replacement for San Francisco and the Bay Area in general, so we called them to get a quote for our San Jose home that desperately needed window replacement.

Our home was newly renovated, but it’s an original from the turn of the century. And while I’m sure the windows aren’t original, they were still very old and leaky. Once we new we could afford to have them replaced, we finally started doing research for window companies in San Jose and San Francisco. We found that California Window Masters had been in business for a long time and also had a lot of experience working with older homes just like ours.

They even managed to quote us for much less than we anticipated, which was a definite plus for us because we were hoping to keep window replacement on the low end. And I never felt that the representatives at California Window Masters were trying to cheat us or try to get us to upgrade when we didn’t need to. They were just fairly priced and gave us really great work.

While it is hard to find the right person to do the job, there is always someone willing to do it. But that doesn’t mean that you should have just anyone perform repairs and window replacement in your home. You should always perform research and see what other people are saying about the company you want to hire to perform repairs on your home.

We asked around and found that in addition to having a great and easy to navigate website, California Window Masters does great work that their clients are willing to talk about and vouch for.

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