Sacramento Therapist

It’s hard to find a therapist that you like, especially one who’s accepting new clients. Well, we’ve got great news for you: there’s a new therapist in town. It’s called Empathy Therapy and it’s right in the heart of Midtown! In addition to offering therapy services, this facility has anything and everything you could want in a mental health facility.

First of all, we mentioned that Empathy Therapy is conveniently located in midtown Sacramento. This is great for people who live in midtown, and/or live in outlying areas like Roseville or Folsom, because it is still easy to get to by the freeways. Also, Empathy Therapy offers more than just therapy visits, it’s a center for psychiatry, executive life coaching and psychotherapy.

Whether you are looking for a therapy session or someone who can prescribe you medication, Empathy Therapy is a great place to see that all of your mental health questions and issues are answered in a professional and completely comfortable way. Dr. Chofla and his staff are there to help you through a process that isn’t always so easy. The easy part is calling them now to schedule an appointment.

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