So Many Moves, So Little Time

I moved to the Bay area two years ago, and have moved three times since. Moving three times in two years isn’t ideal, but I was lucky enough to have Golden Bay Relocation movers in San Francisco every time. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.

I live alone in a small apartment, but living and moving in San Francisco is no easy feat. First of all, most of the apartments I lived in were on at least the second floor on my apartment. As a 27-year-old woman, I know that I’m strong, but perhaps not strong enough to carry a couch up a few flights of stairs.

It was great having Golden Bay Movers help me with my move because they knew exactly how to move up the stairs and fit all of my furniture safely through doorways. The last time I had friends help me, I ended up with a bunch of broken glass and a few dented walls. It was not the way I wanted to start a new life in my new apartment.

In addition to not having anything broken or maimed, the move was finished really fast because the people doing the moving were professionals. They were fast and efficient and didn’t even need any additional time to work. I was moved in and out in less than three hours and it was the best move I ever had. That’s why I keep choosing them– because they do consistent and amazing work.

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