Windows to Sell

We were having trouble selling our home when someone told us that the best way to update your home without spending a lot of money is by upgrading and/or replacing your windows. Wanting to sell our home once and for all, we called up California Window Masters. They were able to do a quick and dirty install and we had brand new replacement windows in just a few hours.

The great thing about getting replacement windows is that it immediately makes everything look newer and more put together– both inside and out. Plus, it makes for a pretty cool selling point to say that the windows are energy efficient and will cost less to maintain. That information goes a long way in the Bay Area.

We are really happy with the work that California Window Masters was able to do for us on such a short notice. Within the month, we had an offer, and a week later, our home was finally sold. I have to believe it had something to do with those new windows!

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